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Fixing Corrupted Programs

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Real Bytes from a real Computer Repairs technician

Welcome to real bytes. Here you’ll find articles from real computer repairs technicians that give you real tips and hints on how to maintain and improve your technology experience. We aim to write helpful articles in easy to understand language based on real life experience from our computer repair Melbourne specialists and technicians.

Today we’ll focus on some DIY steps you can take fix common software related problems in Windows.


“It was working fine Yesterday!”

Your windows system and all installed programs was working perfectly fine one day and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason it’s stopped working altogether. This is a common scenario faced by many windows users and today we’ll share with you some of the procedures used by our experienced computer repairs technicians so you can DIY and fix these errors quickly.


Repair or Uninstall and Re-install the offending Program

If the error is related to a particular program, for example if Microsoft Office suddenly stops working, you can often repair the affected program by getting to your control panel, click on uninstall a program and instead of selecting uninstall, there may be a repair option to try.

If the repair doesn’t work, go ahead and uninstall the program, restart your system and re-install the program again.

Sometimes, if a program is badly corrupted, you may be unable to uninstall the program completely, which does leave your system in a state of limbo. Here’s a little secret tip commonly used by our very experienced computer repairs technicians. There’s a fantastic program called Revo Pro uninstaller. Download this program and run the 30 free trial. This fantastic little program removes corrupted applications thoroughly and also removes any traces of the program from the windows registry. After a re-start, you can re-install the program again.


System Restore.

If the above procedures fail, you can ‘go back in time’ and restore your windows settings to a previous date which you know when everything was working fine. To run windows restore, perform the following steps:


  1. Click Start, and type the word ‘restore
  2. Select ‘System Restore’
  3. In the next screen, make sure you select ‘show more restore points’
  4. Select a date which you feel when everything was working correctly and click on next and finish. Don’t worry about losing data as this procedure only reverses system changes and does not affect your data.


If you find that it still doesn’t work, then call the Computer Repair Melbourne Experts at Itsfixed Computer Repairs on 1300 600 670. and one of our experienced Computer Repairs Technician will be able to help you. It’s still worth giving these tips a go as it will certain save you time and money as these are the standard repair procedures most computer repairs technicians will perform as part of their basic troubleshooting process.


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