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PC Repair Melbourne

We at Itfixed are the PC repair Melbourne experts that can come to you and promptly fix your PC so you can return to doing what matters to you!


Your PC won’t work – now what?

Computers are becoming an essential, daily-use tool for business use, leisure, information and communicating. When your personal computer (PC) breaks down, it can be a major disruption to your life.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows® does a great job of keeping your system clean, and running efficiently, and putting the right information at your fingertips. But when some hardware part (or something else) fails and you can’t even get to your Windows desktop, you can sometimes feel helpless.

Whether you are running Windows on a laptop, or on a tablet PC, or on a desktop case, we can help get your PC working again. But before you call us, always (ALWAYS!) check that the machine is getting power. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a technician out and after 5 minutes they tell you that a cable was accidentally pulled out…

If you are sure the machine is getting power but you still can’t get it working, call our experts for advice on what to do next. We repair all major brands of PC including HP, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Sony, Asus, etc. We service all areas within Melbourne and can send a tech to your doorstep.

What if I need to replace my PC?

We can also tell pretty quickly if the machine simply needs to be replaced. When we attend a PC repair job, one of the first questions our technicians ask is “how old is the computer”. Unfortunately computers are like automobiles: You can upgrade them once or twice, but once they get over a certain age the only valuable option is to replace the computer.

Buying a new PC is easy. However finding a computer that suits your needs can be a mine field. We don’t sell our own machines and are not aligned with device partners, so you can rely of us to give unbiased advice when it comes time to choose a new Windows PC. We can also advise you on Apple Mac options – see this page for more info on choosing a Mac.

When you change to a new computer, one of the biggest tasks is choosing which files and data will come with you. Our professional technicians know where to find your files, music, photos and programs. They can talk you through the task of copying your data and memories, and can in most cases can actually perform the copy for you.

Whatever the outcome, we’ll work to ensure that you are happy with your computer and feel confident in using your PC the way you need to. So if you ever need your PC fixed, don’t hesitate to contact Itsfixed: The PC repair Melbourne specialists for an expert, reliable and trustworthy service today.




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