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Mac Repair Melbourne

We fix Apple Mac Computers

We are the Mac Repair Melbourne Experts.

We can repair your Apple iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air computers. We can also help you set up all your iPads and iPhones so that all your services are in sync. Itsfixed technicians are trained in OSX for Mac and IOS, and we can resolve all your Apple problems fast.

Don’t waste your time unplugging your Apple Mac computers and lugging it all the way to a repair shop, Itsfixed offers fast and cost effective Mac repair service in Melbourne and best of all we come to you.

Are you getting that dreaded spinning rainbow beach ball? Was your once fast Apple Mac computer now running extremely slow? Save your money by upgrading your Apple, You don’t have to go buy a new mac, the Apple specialist at Itsfixed can get your Apple iMac, Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro up and running as fast as, if not even faster than before.


Our onsite Apple Mac service technicians can help you:

  • Speed up your slow Apple iMac, Macbook or Macbook Pro
  • Recover lost data from your Apple iMac, Macbook, iPhone or iPad
  • Repair any OSX issues including OSX upgrades to the latest Yosemite
  • Repair or install Mac programs
  • Recover lost passwords
  • Replace damaged screens
  • Remove and clean Apple specific Malware or Viruses
  • Give your iMac or Macbook a new lease of life by upgrading your memory or hard drive
  • Provide the best advise on how to best use your Apple devices, including setting and and synching all your iPads and iPhones.
  • Set up your family or business back ups for all your Apple devices – keep all your precious photos and music safe!
  • Switch from Windows to Mac and help you transfer your data and email, we also provide one on one Apple tutoring to help you get comfortable with your new Apple Mac
  • Set up your Apple network with other Apple Mac and PCs, including Apple TV
  • Set up your other Apple devices like iPods, iPhones and iPads to sync with your Apple Mac


We can fix anything Apple and we speak your language. You can rest assured that you will not be swapped with all the tech jargon, but we explain technology in a simple and easy to understand manner. Our goal is for you to enjoy your Apple technology, we’ll handle the rest.

So if you are in or around Melbourne  needing to fix your Apple iMac, Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPhone or iPad then contact us, the Mac Repair Melbourne specialists, today on 1300 600 670.



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